Monday, October 18, 2010

Weekend in Review

We had an enjoyable weekend here at home.  I've been trying to get Hannah on a better schedule, so after some hard work this weekend, I'm feeling much more refreshed (and encouraged)!  She is doing GREAT!
Here's how the rest of our weekend went:

Phone call to my mom.  Received advice & encouragement.  Love her.
Flowers from my hubby!  Love him, too!
Milkshakes for dinner.
Breakfast date at IHOP.
Football Games. (low-light of the weekend). Hogs & Cornhuskers lost. Boo!
Grilled out on our new Traeger Grill. YUM!
Movie #2.
More Yardwork.
Amazing Race & Kettle Corn Popcorn.
Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies.  A new favorite. With Milk, of course.
And plenty of resting.  Hannah is sleeping through the night again!

So that's the weekend in review.  And today, Hannah and I have been playing and reading her books.  She took a long nap this morning while I went to Kohl's and found some steals (spent $43 on 11 items for a total savings of $165)!  We cleaned the house this afternoon and are now waiting for daddy to get home from work before we head to our small group. So it was a good weekend and a wonderful start to the new week.  

Hope everyone else had a great weekend/Monday!

She is stylin'!!!  Going shopping with mommy!

 Enjoying the beautiful weather.

Flowers from Tom!

Sweet Moments with Daddy.

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