Friday, October 22, 2010

My Jesus.

Hannah and I are in a sweet routine.  By "sweet" I mean because after she gets up and eats, I get my shower while she plays happily in her moses basket.  Then its my breakfast while she and I play with her piano or read books.  Usually an hour and a half to two hours after she has gotten up, she goes back down for a nap.  And then the "sweet" part happens:

I get my quiet time with Jesus.  
Just the two of us.  
Me and my Savior.  
It's SWEET!  

The sun is just starting to shine through the windows; the coffee is in my favorite mug; the candle is burning and filling the house with the smell of fall spices; and my favorite chair is calling my name.  Its the most important time of day to me, and I look forward to it from the moment I first wake. 

Yesterday was especially sweet.  And come to find out, my hubby had been praying for me during that exact moment at his small group Bible study.  Double Sweetness!

Why was it especially sweet?  Well, I'll tell you...
How often do you really think about Jesus's name?  I honestly admit, I don't do it near enough.  But yesterday, He got my attention.  I was so in awe of just His name and all that it means and stands for.  So in awe that I do something else that I don't do often enough.  I got down on my knees. Lliterally.  I worshiped him in the stillness of that moment.  I was humbled.  I was thankful.  I was restored.

The words to several different songs flowed through my mind. 

"Your name is a strong and mighty tower; a shelter like no other; let the nations sing it louder because nothing has the power to save but your name." JESUS.

"Give me strength for another day.  May you be glorified in all I do and say.  There is healing, comfort, joy and tender mercies in your name." JESUS.

"Your name is great and greatly to be praised.  You're my King and I draw near to you this morning.  You are my purest place." JESUS.

"Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lamb." JESUS.

How sweet is His name!  I hope that you make time to recognize the power, the wander, the glory in His name.  And then don't just stop there, dive deeper into WHO He is and all that He has done for us. 

Mmm..Sweetness like no other.

This weekend:
My family (Dad, Mom, Brother Adam & his wife Ashton, Brother Marcus, Sister Allie & Sister Madison) are all coming to visit! Yay!  We haven't had them all here since Hannah was born (she will be 3 months on Saturday)!  We will miss you, Emily!
We're planning to celebrate Madison's 7th birthday together and possibly go to a pumpkin patch if the weather is nice.  I can't wait to just be together as a family!  Love them!

Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Ashley,
    You are such a beautiful woman of God! Thank you so much for reading my post today, and for your encouraging words! I believe we have both been very blessed! It is wonderful to see pictures of your sweet Hannah! Children are indeed a blessing! I am so excited to see what God has planned in you life and mine! Thanks again! Have a blessed day!