Monday, December 20, 2010

An Early Christmas Present!!!

I received an early Christmas present from Tom last night.  

A piano ornament...

And then he said, "The real one is being delivered tomorrow!"
AHHH!!!!  I was speechless, ecstatic, overwhelmed and so VERY thankful!!!
My husband is so good to me.  He knows that I love the piano and have really missed having one to play.  So, he purchased one that we had viewed at a piano store here in Little Rock.  He bought it back before Thanksgiving.  Apparently, most of my family knew that he had gotten it for me.  I had NO clue!  I was totally surprised!!!!  And I'm still in a little bit of shock even though it is sitting right in front of me!! It is absolutely beautiful!  I love it and I can't wait to make music on it for many, MANY years to come!

Here it is.  I'd say she is a real beauty! :)

Please don't ask what I got him.  It doesn't even begin to come close to something as wonderful as a piano! Not that we are in a comparison game or anything, but really, how do I beat this? ha!

I will say that the one gift I let him open early last night was a pair of black dress shoes.  Um, yes, that's right. 


He was excited.  After all, He did need them badly.

I will always remember this Christmas...

The year Tom got me a beautiful piano...and I gave him a pair of dress shoes.  ha!
(at least I have a few more gifts for him under the tree that he might enjoy...)

Thank you, Tom Stevens, for my beautiful piano!  I love it so much, but I love you so much MORE!  You are the best!!!

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